Le Parc Zoologique & Château de La Bourbansais est ouvert les jours fériés

Visit of the vegetable garden

The Potager de La Bourbansais aims to become a real educational tool for its visitors. Inspired by the « King’s Vegetable Garden » in Versailles. La Bourbansais teams offer families, school groups and seniors, every day in season, guided tours based on the history of gardens, plants and ancient vegetables.

The “French-style” and “Carrousel” gardens recall the classicism of large parks inspired by Le Nôtre. They are extended to the south and west by two very beautiful listed perspectives over 800 meters long.

The statuary, proven to date from 1756, in good condition, represents characters from ancient mythology: God Pan, Sphinxes, Puttis… as well as various fire pots and cultures found on the roofs…

The gardens of La Bourbansais are classified as Historic Monuments and labeled by the Ministry of Culture « Remarkable Gardens ».

The gardens of La Bourbansais are also part of the Association of Parks and Gardens of Brittany (APJB), the Committee of Parks and Gardens of France (CPJF), and Vegetable Gardens of France.

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From June 15 to August 31– 16.pm

Botanical Walk

The botanical walk presents, on panels, in a detailed and instructive way, the main species of trees and shrubs, the variety of which is reminiscent of the garden of Thabor, in Rennes, laid out in his time by a Mayor who was none other than… the Châtelain de la Bourbansais!

Mark in your diary: COLORS OF SPRING April 9 and 10, 2022!