Le Parc Zoologique & Château de La Bourbansais est ouvert les jours fériés

How to get to La Bourbansais!

In Brittany, halfway between Rennes (39km) and Saint-Malo (32km)

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GPS coordinates of the Zoo car park
Access the car park directly by entering these coordinates in your GPS navigator!

48.402909945734265,  -1.8982137188227404

La Bourbansais – 35720 Pleugueneuc

The map of the park

The Bourbansais Zoological Park is home to rare species, most of which are protected by international conventions. More than 400 animals belonging to 70 different species await you along the entire route…
Several times during the day our biologists / animators carry out animations with certain animals. This makes it possible to explain to visitors their behavior, origin, diet, etc.

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