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Princess of Siam
Clouded Leopards (Neofelis Nebulosa)

The zoo is proud to welcome this misterious specie of South Asian Leopards, listed as vulnerable by UICN.

A well-planted, quiet and cosy enclosure will allow them to feel secure and stressless when being observed.

You will be fascinated by their unique grace fulness.


The Otters Waterfalls

In a new and beautifully planted environment, come and discover the cohabitation of our new residents – a couple of smooth-coated or Indian otters and our spectacular white-handed gibbons. These two species are threatened in their natural environment and the Bourbansais team has designed this new presentation for them, inaugurating a mix of species that is unique in France.

This particular sub-species of otter is only present in 4 zoological parks in Europe, the Bourbansais being the only one in France.
More imposing than its Asian cousins, (the small-clawed otter, Aonyx cinereus), it measures over 1.20 metres and can weigh more than 10 kg.
This otter specifically lives in freshwater streams and rivers; it is, nonetheless, very much at home on dry land.

Marabouts of Africa
Leptoptilos crumeniferus
These elderly “bald gentlemen” with their unprepossessing appearance are in fact very large storks with a featherless neck and a prominent pouch. Large (1.5 m high with a 3 m wingspan) and slim, it has a long and powerful beak as well as excellent eyesight. Scavengers, they help to clean the environment and thus prevent the spread of diseases. This “cleaning” work preserves the ecological balance of the savannah!

Guided tour and free the Vegetable Garden
Inspired by the archives of the castle, recreating the Vegetable garden, allows you to discover, visitors, during the season, with a guide who will introduce the secrets of the Vegetable Garden illustrated many historical anecdotes…

The giant anteater or “anteater”
In early 2014 «Hector» will arrive from Zoological Park Dortmund, in order to keep company with «Japura» our female… to start a family… we hope!
The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), lives in the South American pampas. This impressive animal ( 1.80 m long with the tail and 60 cm high) is lonely. They eat ants, termites, and soft-bodied grubs. Using the long, sharp claws on their forelimbs, they open insect colonies and tree trunks. They then use the tongue to collect the eggs, larvae, and adult insects. The salivary glands secrete sticky saliva during feeding that coats the tongue

Walk on their territory
Madagascar ?…

Wooded area of 4000 square meters surrounded by a beautiful river for an approach and a novel observation of three species of lemurs. This rich territory guarantee the welfare of animals and offer visitors a memorable close with this iconic animal from Madagascar.


The elegant gravedigger
Enjoy one of the largest birds of Europe,and watch vultures, the Griffon vulture, Gyps fulvus, owls…
The griffon vulture is one of the largest diurnal raptors with a wingspan of 2.5 m and a weight of 7 to 11 kg! , Ie scavenger feeding on dead animals, however, it is an animal wearing a beautiful fawn plumage on the belly and chest back being buff instead.

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