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Accomodation + Night of the Predators with dinner included + full visit
Pack for 2 people over 2 days available at 169€
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In Brittany, halfway between Rennes and Saint-Malo

Zoological Park & Castle

Its Castle (XVI and XVII) and its Gardens, classified Historic Monuments.

For a family outing between Rennes and Saint-Malo. Exceptional place, in a natural setting, to admire in semi-freedom, more than 60 species of animals. Recreational and educational park. La Bourbansais belongs to this generation of animal parks concerned with the preservation of species and natural environments.

The park is engaged  in various EEP (European Breeding Programs), genuine scientific projects for safeguarding and managing animal populations threatened with extinction in the wild.

Find them throughout your walk: spider monkeys from Colombia, tamarins, Siberian tigers, hyacinth macaws, giant anteaters, geladas from Ethiopia… . La Bourbansais, a zoo in Brittany with possibility to visit its castle and gardens, a real idea for a family outing or outing for children, between Rennes and Saint-Malo.

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