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Nouveauté 2017 : Panthère au Zoo de la BourbansaisExceptional site, in a natural frame, to admire in relative freedom, more than 60 animal species . Amusement park as much as educational, La Bourbansais belongs to this generation of wildlife parks worried about the conservation of the species and about the natural circles. The park participates in different EEP (European Endangered Species Programmes), real scientific projects of protection and management of the endangered animal populations in the nature. Meet them along your walk: spider monkeys of Colombia, tamarins tigers of Siberia, macaws Hyacinthe, huge anteaters, géladas of Ethiopia, …

Parc zoologique & Château de la Bourbansais

Parc zoologique & Château de la Bourbansais
La Bourbansais
35720 | Pleugueneuc | Bretagne | France

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