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The night of predators: Domaine De La Bourbansais

Participate in the night of predators!

The night of predators

The night of the predators is a night visit of part of the ZOO of La Bourbansais, with an animal guide who takes you to discover predators: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Lynx, Cheetahs, Panthers… (species given as an indication)
As night falls these predators become more active; this is the perfect time to discreetly observe them in their world at their peak of activity.

The night of the predators is of course a moment of thrills where you will discover the zoo in a completely new way. It is in particular the opportunity to activate the senses that we use little like hearing or smell, and for example to discover that we can be less than 2 meters from a Tiger without realizing it. account !

But the Night of the Predators is also a moment of privileged exchanges with a caretaker, and of discovery of the biology of the large terrestrial predators.

The health of the animals is our absolute priority

The health of the animals is our absolute priority and in order to respect their peace of mind at night, not to stress them and to preserve their balance, tests have been carried out beforehand so that only the species and individuals who adapt well to our presence participate in this program.

Combining exchange, conviviality but also observations and night travel, the program is varied and is composed as follows: A welcome for participants and a discovery of some species from the zoo, as long as night has not fallen.

Pratical information

Note that you can offer “The Night of the Predators” to a loved one, a corporate gift… who can then contact us to set the date.
  • High season: (April to September)
  • Low season: (October to March)

Entertainment starts at 7:30 p.m. and ends at 11:30 p.m.
Arrival recommended at 7:15 p.m. in the park or before, to have time to enter and reach the assembly point

The session must accommodate a minimum of 4 people.
In order to allow a good exchange and a good quality of observation, 10 people maximum will be able to participate in The night of the predators.

From 10 years old.

The price includes the entrance to the park, the evening meal as well as the 4 hours of entertainment. → 95 euros for an adult (over 16 years old). → 54 euros for a child (10 to 16 years old) → Attention: Non-refundable rate This price includes
  • the visit of the zoo during
  • the day (eventually)
  • the aperitif
  • dinner
  • the entertainment of the night

Everything is done to ensure that the night of the predators is carried out in complete safety and that you keep wonderful memories of your visit. The equipment is adapted and you will be reminded of clear and detailed instructions at the start of the service. Any breach of these instructions and in particular any endangerment of animals or participants may be subject to definitive exclusion without reimbursement.

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