The Zoological Park & Château de La Bourbansais is open on public holidays

Domaine De La Bourbansais - Bretagne

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, The zoo is open EVERY DAY, (including public holidays, except December and January)

NO, unfortunately we do not take internships of less than 15 days and people under the age of 16, wishing you great success in your research

NO, because most of the species presented at La Bourbansais are rare and protected in their natural environment; their health (as for us humans) depends greatly on their food. This food is very specific to each species, and balanced. It is nevertheless possible to attend 4 to 6 times a day “animal snacks/feedings” carried out by our trainers and ethologist. The only exception is for pets at the start of the park; it is possible to give them in particular popcorn (without sugar of course!) sold at the entrance to the park.

The visit to the park has been designed so that the animals are not disturbed by visitors (it is moreover in the regulations which are, rightly, very strict on the quality and animal welfare in zoos) . The morning is good because the animals are active, just like in the second part of the afternoon. This is the reason why at the very beginning of the afternoon, (nap obliges!), there are specific animations/animal snacks (10 minutes each), our two shows of birds of prey 30 mn and pack of dogs 20 mn .
And for lunch, you can eat at “La Palmeraie”, our self-catering restaurant, located in the heart of the park or enjoy a picnic area. Do not forget that La Bourbansais is not only a zoological park, it is also a castle open to visitors (4 interior visits per day, duration 45 minutes), gardens, a vegetable garden (guided visit duration 20 minutes), and a large playground and attractions for children… As much as you want!

YES of course, there are picnic areas inside the park, sheltered and/or shaded.

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