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Autumn Plant Festival: Colors of Fall

Autumn Colors: Next edition: September 21st & 22nd, 2024!


Autumn Colors

Sat 21 and Sun 22 Sept 2024

A wider range of plants on offer, Couleurs d'Automne expands once again for its 11th year.

Indeed, following the success of previous editions, over 15 new exhibitors from all over the West have joined us to offer our visitors a wider range of plants.

This year, a publishing house, a producer of fertilizer from vermiculture, a producer of buckwheat husk mulch, a creator of ollas (objects that help manage potted plant watering), and a snail farm from Mont St Michel Bay that can be tasted on site will also join us.

Would you like to register for our upcoming botanical festival? Kindly tell us about your enterprise…

An eco-friendly approach

As part of our commitment to sustainability and ecology, the Domaine de la Bourbansais has decided to offset the carbon footprint of Couleurs d’Automne caused by exhibitors’ and visitors’ travel, as well as the event’s site setup and energy consumption. To achieve this, we have decided to plant 12 new trees in the park every year.
A variety of food options will be available, including oysters, crepes, Hungarian cuisine, and vegan cuisine, to delight our guests and add enjoyment to these days. A children’s play area will be accessible free of charge throughout the weekend, and the Domaine will also offer various entertainment options.

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The 10th anniversary of "Autumn Colors" on video



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