The Zoological Park & Château de La Bourbansais is open on public holidays

Château de la Bourbansais

Group Rates

Group Rates

Adult package

Until 17 years old


Additional €3 fee for the guided tour of the castle (40 min’)

Forfait enfant

Until 16 years old


Additional €2 fee for the guided tour of the castle (40 min’)

To benefit from our group rates, you need to be

Example of a full day itinerary

10:00  Arrival at La Bourbansais (with the option of a “tasty welcome”)
10:30 – Guided tour of the Castle and commentary by a guide-lecturer, followed by a visit to our “French-style” gardens.
11:30 Discover and guided visit of our vegetable garden.
12:00 Lunch (with a choice of 3 menus) at the restaurant “La Palmeraie” located in the heart of the Zoological Park, near the giraffes and other exotic animals… or choose to use the picnic areas (covered and reserved).
2:00 PM – Pedagogical animations: “tasting” of giraffes.
2:30 PM – “Around the World in 80 Birds” animation
3:30 PM –  “Dogs and Humans” animation
4:00 PM Visit of the zoological park with animal animations and snacks, as well as a walk on the territory of the lemurs. And enter the aviary of South American birds…

Exit through the souvenir shop

7:00 PM –  Park closing time

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