Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le Zoo sera ouvert le Mardi 15 Août 2023 ! 

Réouverture du Domaine le 04/02/2023.
Nous avons hâte de vous retrouver pour la saison 2023 !

The night of the castles

Once a year we participate in a unique event:

The Night of the Castles!

We open the doors of the Château de La Bourbansais for one night. This is an opportunity to discover the castle from another angle. Indeed, at night our senses are heightened tenfold.

You will only have lamps, torches, magnifying glasses to light you up and walk around our gardens and around the castle.

The sense of direction is put to the test. You will rediscover the sense of hearing & smell. It is a real sensory experience. You will also learn about our nocturnal birds like the Scops Owl: its behavior in the wild, its hunting techniques and the threats to this species.

The objective of this event is to make the general public aware of the preservation of heritage through an unforgettable event in the most beautiful monuments.

Next attendance: October 22 & 23, 2022.