Le Parc Zoologique & Château de La Bourbansais est ouvert les jours fériés

New birth at La Bourbansais!

It is with great joy that we announce that our oryx family is growing!

3 weeks ago, a little oryx showed up. This girl was born on February 23rd. She has had all her care and her first shot, she is very healthy!

Short biography

His mother was born in the Netherlands, his father in Sigean in France. She already has a big sister who is also last year at La Bourbansais.

Like all « gemsbok » oryx, she is « altricial » which means that she remains lying down and hidden in her box for the first 3 weeks. As it would have done in its natural state, in the savannah near a bush.

Today she feels solid and strong enough to follow her mother on the plain with the small group of adults.

We share with you, exclusively, the video of his very first outing in the plain J

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