The Bourbansais kennel / Falconry


The Bourbansais kennel

logo-pedago-meute-01The Kennel Bourbansais represents one of the finest packs of dogs «-Français Tricolor,» with more than 100 dogs regularly winning the beauty contest, and the «Noir and Blanc» and «Fauves de Bretagne».

Those « Français tricolore » hounds often take part in beauty contests where they regularly win prizes. « Elegant, with square frame and muscular body, the « Français tricolore » hound must have long drop ears, slightly turned, with square jaw, a deep and low-slung chest, the tail carried high… ».

During the Season daily shows are organised on the lawn at La Bourbansais and an extra run through the wood within the park. In this way the pack keeps a good psychological balance.


High season
From July 2nd to August 31st 15h30 | 17h30
Average season
From September 1st to October 1st 16h00
From April 1st to July 1st 15h30 | + 17h30 holidays

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Free-flight shows of birds of prey, storks and vultures…

logo-pedago-rapce-01Traditions, through live demonstrations Majestic birds of prey… Under the watchful eye of the master falconer, these magnificent birds soar the sky before diving to attack lures. Falconers, during the shows, inform the audience about the history of the art of training birds of prey and explain the importance of the birds’ place in the ecosystem, regulating the populations of their prey. During free-flight shows of falcons, eagles, owls, vultures, buzzards and other birds of prey, the trainers explain with great passion the distinct features of the different species and describe their different habitats. A wonderful way to share a cultural heritage !


High season
From July 2nd to August 31st 14h30 | 16h30
Average season
From September 1st to October 1st 15h00
From April 1st to July 1st 14h30 | 16h30

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Storks in flight !

logo-pedago-rapce-01The white stork, is one of the most famous birds in Europe. Indeed, it is represented as a messenger of fertility in fairy tales or admired for his ability to build nests of respectable size in the most unusual places, the fate of the stork is intimately linked to the history rights.

Plumage white bordered by a fringe of black feathers on the ends of the wings, a beak-shaped red dagger and eye makeup with a black give a rare elegance to this great bird.

The stork in figures:

• Medium height : 1 m
• Medium scale : 2m
• Weight : 3 kg
• 4 eggs per nest
• Young stroks are ready to quit the nest from 2 months old

Parc zoologique & Château de la Bourbansais

Parc zoologique & Château de la Bourbansais
La Bourbansais
35720 | Pleugueneuc | Bretagne | France

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